At Selçuklu Motor Vehicles, we offer our customers the original and high-quality spare parts of distinguished brands in line with the knowledge and experience gained in the sector over the years.

We successfully sell world-renowned spare parts brands, including Mercedes Benz, Man, Scania trucks, and buses, with our expert team.

Our company, which specializes in spare parts for trucks and buses, provides all kinds of original spare parts used in these vehicles and responds to both domestic and foreign companies with quality and economic products in line with the demands with its constantly expanding product range.

Selling wholesale spare parts to its customers in various regions of Turkey, Selçuklu Motor Vehicles will continue to provide permanent services without compromising its reliability and quality, with its structure always aiming at customer satisfaction.

If you are tired of brands that are simple, ordinary, and cannot meet your needs, you are at the right address! We are proud to offer you thousands of products and brands.

To present you with our high standard products at the best prices, by always prioritizing trust, quality, and customer satisfaction. At this point, to respect your time and rights, to provide the most perfect service by putting your wishes and demands at the forefront, to fulfill our responsibility to humanity, our environment, and universal values.




Our company, which provides service with its wide spare parts network and professional employees, and our company, which serves our valued customers with original and sub-industry parts, will continue to move forward in order to provide quality service with the trust and courage it receives from you.

To continue to grow steadily with our qualified commercial principles, and to move our competitiveness and brand power further.




- Continuously producing new values for our customers, employees, and society,

- Establishing reliable and long-term business relationships without sacrificing quality products and services,

- Using resources efficiently

- To be a workplace where talents are developed, participation and teamwork are encouraged, and employees feel their values.




SELÇUKLU MOTORLU ARAÇ İÇ VE DIŞ TİC.LTD.ŞTİ.Şirketi (“Şirket”) tarafından işletilen işlettiği https://www. sma-auto.com/  internet sitesini ziyaret edenlerin (“Veri Sahibi”) gizliliğini korumak Şirketimizin önde gelen ilkelerindendir. İnternet Sitesi Gizlilik Politikası (“Politika”) ile; (1) Veri Sahiplerinin kişisel verilerinin işlenmesi, (2) Çerez Politikası ve (3) İnternet Sitesi Gizlilik Politikası’nın yürürlüğü hakkında açıklamalar yapılmaktadır.